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Reaching Higher For Educational Content In Montana

Reach Higher Montana and SocialFlixx have been in partnership since 2019. Together, we make educational videos that help high school students from all walks of life make decisions on choosing colleges, career paths and more. What follows is a brief look into some of the projects we've worked on together. (Click on the image below to visit their website)

Guiding Students Through Scholarship Search and Career Path Choices

Reach Higher Montana is a non-profit and had (at that time) redesigned some search functionality for students to seek out scholarships on their satellite website, the Montana Career Information System. If you're reading this right now, chances are your college days are way behind you (haha) but the sheer amount of resources and scholarships available to students these days is just way too much for a student to try to pull together on their own.

We started with a simple premise: make a video that guides students through the login process and the search engine to help them identify sources of grants and scholarship for universities in Montana and beyond. We began with writing a script for a voice over that guides the viewer into the login process on their website, all the way through how to apply for scholarships they most qualify for. You can see the final results in the link below.

The second video in this mini-series was made for those who are trying to discover what career path they may want to take. As with the first one, we created a script for the voice over that guides students through a portal in the MCIS website to discover careers that may interest them the most. Here is the link for that video:

Hot Topics for Students

Our next video project was a series of student-hosted videos on topics that they search their site for. An interview-style set of mini-stories from students who have been through all the processes they go through while trying to find a school, a career path, applying for scholarships, military and two-year colleges, etc. We shot this series over a two day time period in December 2019 and Reach Higher Montana now uses these videos in places relevant to the topics on their website. Here is a good example of the 16 or so different videos we got to put together for this project.

Covid-19 and The Financial Aid Process

As the pandemic swept us all into a new reality, the very process of applying for financial aid also changed. The goal for these two videos was to inform students in 2020 about what they can expect when applying for and accepting financial aid.

Reach Higher Montana Summit 2020, Virtual

Each year, RHMT hosts foster youth from around the state of Montana called the Reach Higher Summit. This annual event brings together speakers and resources to help those student navigate the challenges of everyday life, make decisions for themselves for the future, and make lots of new friends along the way!

In 2020, however, thanks to the pandemic, RHMT needed to bring this summit virtually to their attendees. SocialFlixx was able to help facilitate video work needed to get this Summit out to the students who needed it. We shot and edited many of the speaker modules on a range on topics, and also helped RHMT edit and gather videos submitted from speakers who live outside the state. This Summit is now live for its students and we will post some of those videos once we have permission from RHMT.

Stay Tuned...

Our relationship with Reach Higher Montana continues to deepen as we do more work for them along the way. As of the publishing date of this post, we are working on a couple of new video series together and we're excited to help bring these stories to life!

If you have a high school student in your life, please share this link with them and remember to use Reach Higher Montana's resources.


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