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The Faces of Silverman Law Office

When Joel Silverman, Attorney and CEO of Silverman Law Office needed visual stories told about the good folks within his law firm, he turned to SocialFlixx for help.

In a project now called "The Faces of Silverman Law Office", SocialFlixx is creating several individual stories about the people that work in each of Joel's offices; one in Bozeman, MT and the other in Helena, MT. All 16 staff members will be interviewed individually, and each have an opportunity for a "lifestyle b-roll shoot" highlighting their interests and hobbies outside of their 9 to 5 at Silverman Law. (Click the image below to visit "The Faces of Silverman Law Office" Playlist on his YouTube Channel)

"We need a way to show that our attorneys aren't scary- we're human", said Silverman. "It is important for our potential clients to know who we are here at the firm; from each of our outstanding attorneys to the support staff that allow us to deliver the best service we can provide. Silverman Law is a team, and we need to showcase that to the world."

It was with this emotionally-driven vision that I got to work on this project. I wanted to highlight each person in their own "mini-movie" of sorts; something short and sweet but cinematic and emotionally driven. I wanted to honor Joel's vision of connecting with a viewer of any of these stories.

Earlier iterations of our employee story showcase videos were actually shot for Copper Furrow Brewing from 2018 to 2020. We called it, simply, "Get To Know..", a short highlight of the beer slingers that serve Copper Furrow's award winning brews. These stories were always a hit with their friends and family. But I knew we could crank these up a notch or two. And finally, this opportunity was presented and off I went.

I have a couple of key inspirations for this project. Number one, if you follow me on social media (@bradouldhouse on Instagram) you've probably picked up on my love for a Netflix series called Chef's Table. Each episode is a hour-long vignette of a world class chef from only the highest rated restaurants in the world. The story lines are compelling and the visuals are absolutely stunning. and the second inspiration for this project is Emmy Award-winning "Under The Big Sky", also a cinematic storytelling show that highlights Montanans from all over the state. I wanted the faces of Joel's law firm to have that same attention to detail. Below are some screen shots and are shared here with permission from Silverman Law Office.

This project has crossed the mid-way point. I've completed the seven attorney stories and have began shooting the next nine individual stories and interviews from each office. I'm excited to share more about this on-going project, but if you'd like to see what's been done so far, visit Joel Silverman's YouTube channel; this link takes you right to the playlist where you can see each story so far.


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