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"SocialFlixx Draws Emotional, Visual Aesthetics of Storytelling."

  by Brian D’Ambrosio

The one feature that unites entrepreneurs, whether in Brooklyn, New York, or Helena, Montana, is depth of character. Building a company is difficult. It’s solitary. It will make you doubt yourself. When things don’t go your way, you swallow your frustration for the greater good. Success takes moxie and no small sum of faith. At Social Flixx, founder Brad Ouldhouse gets it.

Brad’s startup company taps into the nuance of storytelling, employing the style of a fan or a patron as opposed to the standard traditional client-business relationship.

“I consider SocialFlixx to have a storytelling approach rather than a straight up advertising approach,” said Brad. “SocialFlixx tells stories about business and creates stories that I would want to see as a fan of that business. For example, with Crooked Furrow Brewery, we will shoot a video about them brewing a new flavor and it’ll be a three-week documentary process, and that approach resonates with fans of the brewery.”

SocialFlixx operates as a video forte for social media. It doesn’t film or produce movies or television commercials, but it circulates in the same laboratory, using video production as a method of forming and developing its clients’ relationships with their customers. In today’s voyeuristic, visually-intense world, a video presence for most businesses could be defined as a do or die prospect.      


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I'm Brad Ouldhouse and I’m the founder of SocialFlixx.

I’ve always been a creative person at my core. My childhood was spent playing with LEGOs and drawing pictures of my favorite comic book character, Spider Man. That creativity now comes out in the form of making video content for our clients here at SocialFlixx.

I’m originally from Anaconda, MT and moved to Bozeman in 1991. I graduated from Bozeman High in ’97 and pursued a hockey career thereafter. While I didn’t have the talent to play the game at the highest level, I developed a passion for coaching it. I’ve been on the ice with all levels of hockey player, from kids 5 years old, all the way up to NHL veterans.

I came to Helena, MT in the spring of 2013, and took a job with the Helena Bighorns Hockey Club as the marketing director. During that time, I learned how powerful video content can be for a business. I began to build my own video marketing firm in 2015. I launched SocialFlixx officially in January 2018.

I’m a coffee addict and a craft beer lover.

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