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2 Reasons Why You Should Use Video to Recruit Your Next Hire

Stand out above your competition with a video that showcases WHY someone should work in your company!

REASON NUMBER ONE: You will attract a higher amount of qualified applicants!

A recruitment video is one of the best ways to showcase your organization’s core values, which will ultimately ensure you attract a larger, more qualified pool of applicants. CareerBuilder recently said that its clients received 34% more applications when they uploaded a recruiting video to their job postings. Why? Because they found that applicants are nearly 80% more likely to click on a job post that features a video, rather than read the standard "wall of text".

Not using a job posting website? (for shame! WHY?!) That's ok- you can use your own website to recruit. A well put together Career page with a recruiting video embedded in it will actually boost your SEO ranking on search engines, particularly Google! The take away here- Attract more clicks, and end up with more applicants.

Consider this: a great story captures your attention. That's human nature! We LOVE stories! A hiring video that tells your company's story can compel the viewer to want to want to apply; especially when they feel aligned with your business's core values, culture, and mission. Now you're looking through a pool of folks who actually WANT to be a part of the story they've just seen!

REASON NUMBER TWO: You promote your brand to your current and potential customers!

SocialFlixx has discovered from experience that making a video that features your culture and core values is essential for not only recruiting talent, but also furthers your brand among your customers. By simply posting your hiring video on social channels, you'll start to see your customers interact with it. So now, you not only have a tool that's attracting employees, but's new customers as well!

SocialFlixx will help you in every step of the process for creating your recruiting video- from idea to completed project! Reach out and let's get started! But don't wait too long; I'm showing this blog post to your competitors, too!


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