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SocialFlixx and George's Distributing teamed up once again to tell a great story! If you follow SocialFlixx on the socials or here on this blog, you may recall the story we told last year about why they kept the old Kessler Brewing Company building in Helena as part of their headquarters. (See that video here: )

This time, George's Distributing wanted to highlight a small business in Bozeman, MT that they do regularly do business with. It was important early on that in this particular story, we show how George's works closely with its clientele; to showcase how important it is to them that the businesses they work with thrive and grow. (See this new video here below.)

Enter SHINE Beer Sanctuary and Bottleshop in Bozeman, MT. Having recently become a HUGE fan of SHINE in the months prior to this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to help George's with this new story!

This video focuses on Travis Collins' (co-owner of SHINE) and Brooks Nuanez, one of the Bozeman-based sales representatives for George's. By working together, SHINE has truly delivered on its name of being a Beer Sanctuary!

If you aren't too familiar with what SHINE is, here's a link to their website: In its simplest terms, SHINE offer one of the largest varieties of craft beer from all over the world, by either its 30-tap system for on-premise consumption and/or through the retail bottle shop. You can also find a staple of Bozeman food, La Parilla (LaPa) onsite as well. It is located at a place I was very familiar with as a Bozeman native, The Garage (some of the best burgers I've ever had came from The Garage!) But LaPa and SHINE are the perfect compliment to each other under one roof!

What drew me to SHINE was their Instagram account (shout out to Julie Collins!!) and after only one visit, I knew I'd be a customer for life! The tap room has an incredible selection of craft beer from Montana especially, which is important to me personally. But I've tried several brews from outside the state and from other places in the world through SHINE, and I always count the days when I can get back to Bozeman for some Beer Sanctuary shopping!!

My story is actually a direct result of the partnership George's has with SHINE. As Nuanez so eloquently puts it in the video, "SHINE is a reflection of what the craft beer culture is." Both he and Travis, along with Jason Combs and others at George's all work together to bring SHINE's customers the beer that they will most likely gravitate towards but also isn't readily available anywhere else.

So next time you're in a bottle shop, be it SHINE or anywhere else you purchase your brews, remember that there is a team of people working behind the scenes to bring that beer from its origins to your refrigerator. And if you haven't already, go see Travis, Julie and the Cicerone-Certified gang at SHINE!!


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