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Montana's First Craft Brewery

George's Distributing tapped SocialFlixx to help tell the story of their historic building, and bring new employees an exciting look into the company they've recently been hired to work for.

George's Distributing started as a food distribution service in Helena, Montana in the 1950's. As time passed, George's moved out of the food business and into the wine and beer distributing business that now services all of Montana!

But at the heart of the company's headquarters in Helena, MT is this old building.

The Kessler Brewing Company made some of the best beer in the Northwestern United States from the late 1800's until the late 1950's. When George's needed to expand, they could have bought land and began setting up their hub near a highway exit, but it was important to the founders of the company that any expansion the company does, happens around this building.

This story gives you a deep sense as to the historical importance of this building, and why it means so much to the business as they continue to grow.

George's Distributing website

A MAJOR THANK YOU is in order to Steve Lozar, a Montana Beer Historian for his massive contributions to not only this project, but to his tireless work in preserving of the history of craft beer in the Big Sky State. Check out this amazing interview with Prime Passages Blog here to learn more about Steve and his work: DISCLAIMER: SocialFlixx does not own this content, it has been posted with permission from George's Distributing.


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