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The Pumpkin Patch Montes-Story

Parents across the Lewis and Clark County area are searching for safe, pre-elementary education options for their kids, so Pumpkin Patch Montessori hired SocialFlixx to help show those parents what their school is all about.

Adrienne Kenison knows a thing or two about educating children. Her background since college has been focused on child development and hands-on learning that prepares children to be not only ready for elementary, but to be above the grade in their schools when they do get there. Pumpkin Patch Montessori prides itself on this very aspect.

"[Pumpkin] Patch kids are more prepared for their elementary school years after they leave us than other children. The hands prepare the mind to grow", says Kenison. "We want to have a video that gives parents a look at our school and what we can offer their children."

In early Spring 2020, SocialFlixx got to work. While the subject matter of schools was new to me, the structure of the video was very familiar: a guided tour of a space. I've done this often for previous real estate clients as well.

Adrienne was referred to SocialFlixx from our good friends at Copper Furrow Brewing in Helena, specifically the McKeever family so HUGE shout out there to you guys. This was a fun project and I hope to serve Pumpkin Patch Montessori again in the future!


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